What causes people with Type 1 diabetes to get bad headaches and migraines?

Question by Chris: What causes people with Type 1 diabetes to get bad headaches and migraines?
My little brother has type 1 diabetes and was diagnosed with it at 12 months old and he sometimes get bad migraines. What causes migraines and bad headaches when you have type 1 diabetes?

He is 17 years old and is a big part of me. If something ever happened to him, damn I don’t know what I’d do.
I need some responses here guys.
Thank Tralee, but he already has an insulin pump as do most people with type 1.

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Answer by orly yearly
Well i have had diabetes for 7 years and for me its either when my blood sugar goes really low o really high…being in the sun or running as well give me horrible headaches ever since i got diabetes… when your blood sugar goes high or low its really hard on your body and its tiring for your brain

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  • Tralee A  says:

    I have had type 1 diabetes for 15 yrs (i’m 24y/o) and i get headaches with high or low BGL’s. I mean high, as in 16mmol and low being 3mmol.
    With the high ones i get very thirsty but a headache is also the body saying i need water or energy (depending on BGL).
    The high and low BGL’s are hard on your body coz its trying to get itself back to “normal” and grabbing whatever it can. Water to get rid of the excess sugar or glucose to bring the low BGL back up. I end up with cramps when i have a low BGL.
    I’m not sure if he is on one but i recommend investing in an insulin pump.
    It was also suggested to me when i was diagnosed that when i have a high BGL to drink water as well as watch my BGL…or however your brother corrects his BGL as this helps the body get rid of the sugar without dehydrating the body

  • jenius  says:

    I don’t think the two are related. I’m type one for the past 14 years and never had a migraine. Many people who have migraines are not diabetic. This question would be best answered by a doctor.

  • Lexy  says:

    I have been type for 15 years and I usually get headaches when a low is coming. The headache is different from normal headaches being more severe and always results in a low. I have never had a migraine though, I think that’s a separate issue.

  • Kate T.  says:

    I have had type 1 since I was 16 yrs old and have had migraines as well . It is because your sugar goes too high and puts excess pressure on your brain cells causing exspansion of them and that is what causes the migraines . I got this info from my dr and also I got a prescription for sumatriptan and it does help but makes you very drowsy and you cannot do anything after that .

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